15 April 2015

Video of the Day

I could wait till Friday to post this - and I originally would post videos on Friday as an homage to the show "Friday Night Videos" that I watched as a kid, before we had cable and MTV.

But some videos are just too cool to let sit for even a few days.  This is such a video.

Produced by Cycling Canada, "Hop On" gives us a creepy, ethereal view of bikes without riders, inviting you to hop on and ride.

It is creepy, but awesome. Enjoy!

08 April 2015

Friday Videos - Except it's Only Wednesday

Yeah, I didn't want to wait to post this.

We're still neck deep in moving boxes, but we're in the new world headquarters. Soon there will be regular posts.


Until then, enjoy this video that someone shared on FB a few days ago.  It's a concert video from Peter Gabriel. That alone is enough to make it enjoyable, but the fact that he starts riding a Moulton bicycle around the stage while singing makes it awesome!


12 March 2015

A Follow Up to My Last Post

Yesterday, I talked about leaving bike locks behind at work, subsequently forgetting it there, and causing problems for the rest of us.

This morning made me grateful that I carry my lock with me.

I slept thru my alarm, and woke up late.

This is not why I am grateful, but it contributed to today's reason.

I wasn't so late that I had to forgo my ride and "gasp" drive to work, but I didn't have time to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast and make a lunch. My daily commute takes me past a particular bagel shop that has the best bagels in the greater Salt Lake area, if not all of Utah. (They also have bialys, which are just awesome!). I would go on about the bagels, but this is bike-junkie, not bagel-junkie.

So, my commute takes me past The Bagel Project, and they just so happen to open at 6:30, not too long before I usually go past that intersection. I haven't stopped before, this morning, I decided to.

If I wouldn't have had my lock with me, I wouldn't have stopped. The downside of carrying your lock is the added weight. The benefits are you can make impromptu stops.

I said that I was done talking about the bagels? Well, I was wrong. Their bagels are amazing, and even more so hot out of the oven! Sometimes oversleeping has its benefits!

11 March 2015

Rant of the Day

Yesterday I read a blog post talking about leaving your lock at work. 

The article made a valid point mentioning that you could save five-ish pounds, and some space in your bag by leaving your lock at work.

The problem I have with that idea is when the locks become orphans.
I'm absolutely sure that the owners of these locks - and the several others scattered around the racks and fences of "the place which pays me so that me and my family do not end up homeless" - had only the best intentions, and did not deliberately abandon their locks.  I'm sure that in a moment of inspiration they decided that they too would become bike commuters, and either weather, sweat, or the perceived lack of time to ride to work compelled them to abandon their lofty goals.  The locks remaining behind as either a bad reminder, or a half-hearted promise that they will try it again, once the weather or fitness improves, or they suddenly find themselves with an excess of minutes. There is also the possibility that keys were lost or combinations were forgotten.
Either way, the locks remain.
When it is on a bike rack or fence, the abandoned locks become an eyesore and a minor annoyance, but they can become more than that...
I found out a couple of weeks ago from a friend and co-worker that my building has a "dedicated" bike storage room. a place safe from prying eyes (and sticky fingers) behind a locked door where one can securely store their bicycle.  I obtained a key, and went down to check out this Shangri-La.
The floors are not awkwardly curved, I took a panorama of the room.

Well, my expectations of Utopia were found lacking, but still a space in a storage/junk room in the bowels of the parking garage is nothing to turn your nose up at.

I was excited about the bike room for approximately 10 seconds. That is how long it took me to notice that anywhere that I could conceivably lock my bike (I place little trust in my fellow man) had a lock attached to it. Locks that hadn't seen a bike in months.

Okay, it is winter, and most people do fall into the fair-weather commuter crowd, but come on! If you and your bike are hibernating for the winter, do those of us who aren't a favor and take your lock with you! It's just inconsiderate and rude to "call dibs" on your spot on the wall by leaving your U-lock there all winter.

07 March 2015

T-Shirt of the Day

Found this shirt on the FaceBook today, and had to share it. You can find it at http://dhdwear.com/importanter

27 February 2015

Sorry for the Interruption

I know that as of late I haven't been the most reliable blogger out there. Sorry for that.

Truth of the matter is, real life has gotten in the way.

Since late last year, we have been in the process of trying to move. The frustration and anxiety with trying to get the current Global HQ on the market, and looking for a new spot from which to continue my world domination has left little time for more than a link to a cool cycling-themed t-shirt or the occasional comic strip.

I promise that I have not into hibernation, or worse yet, abandoned the blog. I have several items that once they are unpacked, will be put through their paces and once again the blog will be back to its former glory (assuming that there was any glory before...)

Thanks for your patience and understanding